Miyazaki Sabo – Three Year Bancha

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Enjoy this tea from a kettle of boiling water, not with kyusu, for this three year Bancha. Tea stems with leaves grown more than 3 years that were harvested in late autumn and winter, at the highest sugar content level. Then, carefully hand-selected stems are one by one dried and fired with wood. May the firewood aroma bring serenity to your mind.

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Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

Type: Bancha

Origin: Gokase cho, Miyazaki

Harvested: Late autumn to winter

Net weight: 3.17 oz / 90 g

Style: Loose-leaf (Thick stems & Tea leaves)

Producer: Miyazaki Sabo

Organic Certifed: 0605-A05 / 0704-B03, by Kumamoto Organic Agriculture Association, Japan

Aroma: Pan parched flavor

Servings per Container: Your choice

Farmer’s recommended way to brew for 1 cup:
-Leaf amount: Your choice
-Water temperature: Your choice
-Water amount: Your choice
-Infusion time: Your choice

Alternative way is to put this tea and water in kettle. After boiling, continue seething to boil for 20 min.

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1 review for Miyazaki Sabo – Three Year Bancha
  • (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    This tea tastes fresh and earthy, it looks so clean and carefully crafted! It smells both of herb and of wood good, comforting aroma.
    I loved it on a chilly evening with chocolate to accompany.

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