Matcha – Handpicked Saemidori – Ceremonial Grade – Nishio, Aichi


This sweetness surpasses any of Akahori-san’s matcha teas.  Intense and long shading period preserved more umami and green chlorophyll.  Creamy and rich egg-like flavor.  Floral scent.  Suppressed bitterness and astringency.

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Product Name: Matcha Handpicked Saemidori

Type: Powder

Origin: Nishio, Aichi

Harvested: Spring (1st harvest)

Net weight: 1.05 oz / 30 g

Cultivar: Saemidori

Organic: Not yet

Taste: Rich and super sweet

Aroma: Noble

Color: Dark clear green

Servings per Container: 17 servings

Farmer’s recommended way to brew for 1 cup:
-Leaf amount: 0.06 oz / 1.7 g
-Water temperature: 176 F / 80 C
-Hot water amount: 2.02 fl oz / 60 ml
-Coldwater amount: 0.33 fl oz / 10ml

Brewing steps:
1. Use soft water
2. Boil water for 5 min. to take out air and chlorine
3. Adjust water temperature (transfer the water from one teaware to another (ex. teapot to cup) is a quick way to cool down the water temperature. For this tea, transfer once.)
4. Put 1 teaspoon powder into a teacup.  Recommend to sift the powder tea.
5. Pour the cold water into the teacup, and knead and blend the powder tea and water.
6. Pour the adjusted temperature hot water into a teacup (1/4 cup water for 1 person)
7. Whisk the tea for 15 seconds.

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