Handpicked Gyokuro Zen – Shibushi, Kagoshima


Handpicked Gyokuro Zen is Sakamoto-san’s only handpicked Gyokuro tea for this season and is scheduled to be enrolled multiple tea competitions.  This tea is made from a new variety called Seimei.  With one sip of this tea, you can tell that it is full of umami.  It also leaves a clean and elegant aftertaste.  How would you rate this year’s best gyokuro tea by Sakamoto-san?

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Product Name: Handpicked Gyokuro – Zen

Producer: Sakamoto Tea Farm

Type: Gyokuro

Cultivar: Seimei

Origin: Shibushi, Kagoshima

Harvested: Spring

Net weight: 1.76 oz / 50 g x 1 pack

Style: Loose leaf

Processed: Light steamed

Organic Certified: 1099 / 1038, Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association, Japan

Taste: Mild umami & clean, elegant aftertaste

Water Color: Golden green

Aroma: Fresh verdure

Servings per Container: 12 servings

Farmer’s recommended way to brew for 1 cup:
-Leaf amount: 0.141 oz / 4 g
-Water temperature: 122 – 140 F / 50 – 60 C
-Water amount: 2.029 fl oz / 60 ml
-Infusion time: 2 min.

Brewing steps:
1. Use soft water
2. Boil water for 5 min. to take out air and chlorine
3. Adjust water temperature (transfer the water from one teaware to another (ex. teapot to cup) is a quick way to cool down the water temperature. For this tea, transfer three times.)
4. Put 1 heaping teaspoon of leaves into the teapot
5. Pour the adjusted temperature water into the teapot (1/3 cup water for 1 person) and put a lid on the teapot
6. Wait 2 min.
7. Pour the liquid from teapot into cup to the last drop

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