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Miyazaki Sabo – Flight of Kamairicha – Miyazaki Cultivars

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

This set includes 6 different kamairicha (roasted tamaryokucha) products with different cultivars developed in local Miyazaki prefecture.

For those who want to explore your favorite cultivars for kamairicha, we recommend this 6 single cultivars kamairicha set.

Nagomiyutaka Handpicked (0.423 oz / 12g) x 1 pack

Sakimidori Handpicked (0.423 oz / 12g) x 1 pack

Takachiho (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack

Minekaori (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack

Yamanami (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack

Miyamakaori (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack


The local research institute developed cultivars that enhance the taste and aroma specially for kamairicha.
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You may not know which one meets your palate without trying.