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Flight of Post-fermented Tea – Awabancha & Ishizuchi Kurocha

Sold By: Visee

This is the set of
Awabancha (3.527 oz / 100 g) x 1 pack

Ishizuchi Kurocha (0.811 oz / 23 g) x 1 pack

Japan has 4 post-fermented teas.  And these 2 teas are from Shikoku Island where SONO is located.
Lactic acid bacteria creates a refreshing acid taste and gives you multiple health benefits such as anti-allergy, lowering blood sugar level, and regulating the functions of the intestines.

Awabancha – Post Fermented Tea – Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima

Sold By: SONO Special

Post-fermented organic bancha.

Awabancha was registered as a Ark of Taste in Japan by Slow Food Nippon this year.

The people in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima prefecture have been drinking this tea regularly since the Edo period.

Harvest tea leaves grown in mountains in mid summer, boiled in iron pots, rolled, fermented in wooden tubs, and dry in the sun.

All processes are handled by the farmer’s hands.

Limited production.

Enjoy the refreshing and slightly sour taste from lactic acid bacterium.