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Fujihara Tea Growers – Tamaryokucha Kabusecha Blended – 2 Packs

Sold By: Fujihara Tea Growers
2 packs of Tamaryokucha Kabusecha Blended.
Very special tea this season.  The frost damages led to the first harvest in June.
Plenty of umami with more kabusecha portion.  Clear astringency gives you a refreshing aftertaste.
Please enjoy the tastes of Izumo mountains, the leaves went through the severe natural environment.

Tamaryokucha – Kabusecha Blended – Shipping from US

Sold By: Shipping from US
This product is shipped from a US warehouse and for US customers only.


Tamaryokucha this year increases sweetness with darker green color.
Blended with Kabusecha whose leaves were grown with shaded cultivation.  Some tea trees in tea fields were shaded for a short period before the harvest.  Those leaves preserve amino acids and increase chlorophyll.  Try this year’s Tamaryokucha and enjoy the rich umami taste with deep green color.

Fujihara Tea Growers – Tamaryokucha – Kabusecha Blended

Sold By: Fujihara Tea Growers

The taste of this tea exceeds last year.  More kabusecha to protect leaves from frost damage.  And open-field grown leaves after frost give you rich sweetness and astringency.  Please enjoy the taste the farmer is satisfied with.

*Smaller net weight/package than last season due to the smaller harvest.