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Miyazaki Sabo – Flight of Kamairicha – Miyazaki Cultivars

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

This set includes 6 different kamairicha (roasted tamaryokucha) products with different cultivars developed in local Miyazaki prefecture.

For those who want to explore your favorite cultivars for kamairicha, we recommend this 6 single cultivars kamairicha set.

Nagomiyutaka Handpicked (0.423 oz / 12g) x 1 pack

Sakimidori Handpicked (0.423 oz / 12g) x 1 pack

Takachiho (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack

Minekaori (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack

Yamanami (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack

Miyamakaori (0.705 oz / 20g) x 1 pack


The local research institute developed cultivars that enhance the taste and aroma specially for kamairicha.
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You may not know which one meets your palate without trying.


Miyazaki Sabo – Oolong Tea – Spring Harvest – Single Cultivar – Takachiho

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

Takachiho is the cultivar selected from the native variety in Miyazaki and has small production.

This cultivar was initially developed for kamairihca, and roasting makes an outstanding aroma.  Scientists found rich amino acids in Takachiho.

Takachiho gives you a natural taste of smooth sweetness and fragrant aroma.