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Flight of Post-Fermented Tea – Goishicha & Ishizuchi Kurocha

Sold By: Visee

This set includes

Goishicha 0.7 oz / 20 g x 1 pack

and Ishizuchi Kurocha 0.81 oz / 23 g x 1 pack.

Both Goishicha and Ishizuchi Kurocha have small production and are produced in only one location each.

The local lactic acid bacteria make unique tastes and aromas and give you multiple health benefits.



Goishicha – Post-Fermented Tea – Loose Leaf – Otoyo, Kochi

Sold By: SONO Special

Goishicha is one of four post-fermented teas in Japan.  2 stage fermentation develops lactic acids that give you natural sour tastes.

The name of goishicha comes from the fact that the scene of drying leaves after the 2nd fermentation is looked like Go stones.  The amount of lactic acid bacteria in Goishicha has more than that of Pu-erh tea.