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Green Tea Powder Set – Kamairicha & Benifuki

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

Green tea powder grown in the sun and rich in catechins.

Do you know only 35% of tea leaf nutrients are extracted to tea liquid?  65% is left in tea leaves.

Please enjoy the whole nutrition of tea leaves with this power tea set.

Kamairicha Powder has yellow green color and gives you roasting aroma.

Benifuki green tea powder was found to have an anti-allergy effect.

Both powder teas are good for your health.

Benifuki Green Tea Powder – Yakushima Island

Sold By: SONO Special

Benifuki green tea powder from Yakushima, a world heritage island.

Benifuki has rich methylated catechin, and one clinical trial implies it improves allergy symptoms.  According to the trial, taking benifuki and ginger seems to work on allergy better than taking benifuki only.

Benifuki cultivar was developed for black tea and half-fermented tea from tea seeds from India.  Methylated catechin has disappeared in the fermented process, so recommend to take it as green tea or half-fermented tea for your allergy.

This cultivar has a strong bitter and astringent taste.


Benifuki Sencha Powder – Yame, Fukuoka

Sold By: SONO Special

Benifuki powder tea made by sencha leaves produced in Yame, Fukuoka.

Benifuki cultivar has methylated catechin that helps to reduce your uncomfortable itching eyes or running nose allergy symptoms.

And powder tea helps you to take whole tea leaf nutrients.