Medium steamed Sencha is between standard and deep steamed. We observe more medium steamed Sencha teas available on the market today. As this tea has a little longer steaming time, you can brew it for a shorter time than standard Sencha. Medium steamed Sencha has a brighter color than deep steamed Sencha. And steaming causes the breakdown of the leaf tissues. So this tea includes more powder than standard Sencha.

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Sencha Breath of Mountains – Yame, Fukuoka

Sold By: SONO Special

Fresh light green aroma.  Mild & rich umami.

The taste is proven by more amino acids and fewer catechins amount in this cultivar.

Breath of Mountain is less than 1% of Japanese tea cultivar production.

Please taste the breath of the mountains where the tea tree is grown in the midst of mountains in Yame.

Sencha Saemidori – Yame, Fukuoka

Sold By: SONO Special

Saemidori cultivar is growing its popularity among all tea types.

This cultivar was developed by the mating of Yabukita(mother) and Asatsuyu(father).
Bright green watercolor.  Elegant aroma.  Rich umami.  And the sweetness spreads in your mouth.

We offer this tea produced in the foothills of Yame, Fukuoka.

Flight of Allergy Relief Tea – Ishizuchi Kurocha & Benifuki Sencha Powder

Sold By: Visee

This set includes

Ishizuchi Kurocha 0.88oz (25g) x 1 pack

and Benifuki Sencha Powder 1.76oz (50g) x 1 pack.

Theabrown in Ishizuchi Kurocha suppresses releasing histamine and prevents producing IgE immune proteins.
Methylated catechins in Benifuki green tea also suppress histamine release and prevent allergens from connecting to mast cells.
With this set, please find the tea you like and enjoy it for your health.