Bancha products are coarse teas.  And third picked leaves or autumn leaves are mainly its materials.  So this tea has more catechin than Matcha and Houjicha, and more vitamin C than Gyokuro.  And it has a refreshing and astringent taste.  If you prefer to drink tea with less caffeine, we recommend that you try Bancha.  Because Bancha contains less caffeine than other Japanese teas.  In addition, Bancha has various unique versions by region.  People sometimes call local Bancha, “Yanagi“, or “Kawayanagi“.  Manufacturing process is slightly different by each region.  For example, Awa Bancha, Goishicha, and Ishizuchi Kurocha are unique in their manufacturing process.  After steaming, they are fermented.

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Miyazaki Sabo – Three Year Bancha

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

Enjoy this tea from a kettle of boiling water, not with kyusu, for this three year Bancha. Tea stems with leaves grown more than 3 years that were harvested in late autumn and winter, at the highest sugar content level. Then, carefully hand-selected stems are one by one dried and fired with wood. May the firewood aroma bring serenity to your mind.

Miyazaki Sabo – Three Year Matured Bancha

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

This three years matured bancha is harvested in autumn, matured for 3 years, and parched with wood. The firewood aroma soothes your soul.