1. How virus infect us?

The infection mechanism of a virus is, if our body has an antibody to a specific virus, our antibody can catch the virus.
If not, the virus can connect to a cell joint to infect.
How virus infect 2

2. How do catechins work against viruses?

Catechins affix to the cell joints and help to inhibit the virus from connecting cells.

How do catechins work against virus?

(Anti-virus effects, Japanese Society of Catechinology, Link to the page)

3. Epidemiological Research Update

This research implies 1-5 cups/day of green tea consumption help inhibiting influenza infection in children.

(Park M et al. Green Tea Consumption Is Inversely Associated with the Incidence of Influenza Infection among Schoolchildren in a Tea Plantation Area of Japan, The Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 141, Issue 10, October 2011, P866,  Link to this research paper)