Ishizuchi Kurocha producer members

Ishizuchi Kurocha, popularly known as the “phantom tea,”
has preserved its tea-making traditions from ancient times
at the foot of Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan.
This tea is one of four post-fermented teas in our country.
There is a legend that Monk Kukai,
who was the close tie to eighty-eight temples in Shikoku,
brought this tea-making method from China after he studied Buddhism there.

Visee location on the map

This tea was popular with local people until the early 20th century.
Eventually, the demand decreased and its production almost ceased.
Then, some local people in the Ishizuchi area started carrying on the tradition.
Visee is a workplace under NPO Ishizuchi Square
and aims to offer handicapped people the opportunity to learn, work, contribute to our society.
And we partnered to make Ishizuchi Kurocha in 2017.

Ishizuchi Kurocha tea leaves

We have inherited the hand-made tea-making tradition
and carefully go through two stages of fermentation.
The distinct flavor of this tea is influenced by
the local abundance of natural lactic acid bacteria.
We have researched the original tastefulness of Ishizuchi Kurocha
with the utmost care and attention to safety and hygiene management.
For better fermentation, we don’t use any agricultural chemicals.
Scientists have discovered multiple health benefits from lactic acid bacteria in the tea.
Please try our Ishizuchi Kurocha, which we make with our hands, minds, and hearts!

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