The lord of Matsue Castle, Fumai Matsudaira, was a tea master.

In 1773, he visited our area and camped out.

He drank a cup of tea that was served to him and really enjoyed it.

This led to Lord Matsudaira’s encouragement to the people of the area

to make greater use of the area’s natural tea-growing resources.

50 years later, in the era of Sadayasu Matsudaira,

Daitōcha acquired a national reputation as a prized tea.

Okuizumo, where Fujihara Tea Growers is located,

is at the lower slope of the Chugoku Mountains.

The local weather has big swings in temperature during the day and night

and it produces a treasure house of high-quality agricultural products.

Our tea leaves grow in this type of natural environment,

resulting in an outstanding balance of sweetness and astringency,

with an accompanying robust flavor.

Fujihara Tea Growers was established in 1868

and preserved the tradition and taste of Daitocha

with an unchanged processing method for over 150 years.

Fujihara Tea Growers hope to extend to you

the same peaceful sense of harmony through the experience of sipping our teas.

And we hope to pass on this tea culture and experience to the next generation.


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