Japanese green teas have multiple tea types.

Popular re-processed green teas are as follows.

Main by-products produced at the finishing process.

Here are some characteristics by tea types.


High quality luxury tea

Needle shaped

Deep green leaf color

Deep aroma from shading

Slightly blue & no saturation water

Rich umami, sweet and slightly bitter taste


Popular for drink and cooking

Fine powder

Bright dark green leaf color

Green laver aroma from shading

Thick green water color

Rich umami and sweet


Popular standard tea

Needle shaped

Bright dark green or dark green leaf

Fresh young bud aroma

Bright yellow green water color

Good balance of umami, sweet, astringency, and bitteness


Less grassy than Standard

More powdery than Standard

Bright yellowish green leaf color

Deep aroma and no grassy

Yellowish thick water color

Rich umami, no grassy, and pleasant aftertaste


Similar to Sencha

Slightly curved

Bright dark green or dark green leaf

Fresh young bud aroma

Thick water color

Fresh tea leaf taste with umami and astringency


Refreshing pan parched flavor

Curly shaped

Slightly whitish dark green leaf

Pan parched aroma

Clear and slightly red water color

More refreshing, umami, and less bitterness, grassy taste